10 thoughts on “IF – Capable

  1. That's why I cut my hair short 😉 And they are very capable of pulling and especially very capable of not letting go. Very nice, especially like the expression on moms face.


  2. @JasonHaha, yes! 10 years ago, me carrying my first niece. I didn't know she would do that! I had to slowly peel open her chubby little fingers to stop her from pulling further 🙂


  3. @Sarah's Imagination Congratulations, Sarah! All the best to you and your precious little one 🙂

    P.S. Dangling earrings when carrying toddler is a big no-no! They'll think it's a toy and will pull it out from your ear lobes (^_^;) cute…but painful!


  4. hahaha….So true! My son always pull my hair and even break our spectacles :S..but we love him all the more

    Wish i had such drawing talent for my blog htt://mommywhathappen so plain..hmmm…


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